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Choosing the Right Primer Color When Painting a Car

Car paint primers come in many colors. Choosing the correct one helps make your paint job easier and look better.

Light gray, such as the GLM2000 2K Urethane High Build Primer is the most common primer color. If the bodywork requires a lot of blocking, however, a darker primer may be a better choice. The darker color will show the imperfections in the car’s lines more clearly, making it easier to remove them in the sanding process.

In addition, the primer color can affect the final color of the paint. If you are painting the car a light color, using a dark primer will result in having to apply more coats to get the tint you want.

Most primers come in black, white, gray, red and yellow. Here are some hints on choosing the best color when painting a car:

Black primer

If you paint the car a dark color, such as black, dark blue, or dark green, choose a black primer.

White primer

Choose a white primer for lighter color paints and metallic paints.  White primer provides a bright finish.

Gray primer

While this is the most used primer color, it’s not always the best choice. For lighter paints, it can lessen the vibrancy of the finish. Gray primer, however, is the ideal choice for metallic or pearlized car paints.

Red primer

If you are painting a car with severe rust issues, red primer is a good choice. The red primer formula acts as a rust inhibitor, making it a good choice for older cars.

To achieve a vibrant paint surface on your car, take care to select the right primer.