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Five Ways to Prevent Car Paint Scratches

In today’s economy, owning and driving a car can be expensive. For most of us, it is a convenience we can’t live without. It’s essential to keep your vehicle in excellent condition so it lasts many years and provides trouble-free and enjoyable driving. You owe it to yourself to take simple steps to avoid scratching the paint job. Scratched or chipped car paint is unattractive and can lead to more significant problems like rust.

Here are some tips on how to protect your car’s paint and avoid scratches.

1. Choose smart parking spots

Parking lots are where many paint scratches and dings occur.  Resist the urge to squeeze your car into a narrow spot between two vehicles. Narrow spaces can lead to your car’s paint being dinged or scraped when doors are opened. A better parking choice is a location in the lot away from other cars. If a garage is available, that’s an even better choice. Do not park near the cart return area or in dimly lit places.

When parking on the street, parallel parking helps to protect your car from being nicked by surrounding cars. Minimize the chances of your car being scratched by other vehicles by parking away from other cars.

Sunlight is harmful to car paint.  If you have a garage or carport, park your car there. Avoid parking under trees where resin (sap) or bird droppings can drip onto your car. When you park near a tree, a branch can break and fall onto your car, damaging the paint.

2. Don’t set items down on your car

Avoid setting keys, smartphone, or groceries on the hood or trunk of your car, where they can slide, scratching the paint.

3. Be a defensive driver

Defensive driving means keeping a safe distance between you and other vehicles around you. This safe zone allows you to more time to react to avoid a scrape or collision.

4. Regularly clean your car with non-abrasive materials

Regularly wash your car by hand using non-abrasive cleansers and cloths. Doing so will safeguard your car’s finish.

5. Wax and polish your car regularly

Treat your car to regular waxing and polishing to protect the surface from corrosion, UV rays, and scratches.

A critical part of keeping your car beautiful Involves protecting the finish from scratches and dents.