How can I get rid of a chalky car paint surface?

Worn paint or paint applied incorrectly are two causes of chalking, which is what you’re seeing on your auto’s painted surface. Use auto compound to buff it away, or remove your old paint surface and apply a new one.

In this article, I’ll answer common questions about how to prevent chalking and eliminate it when it happens:

  • What is chalking?
  • What causes chalking?
  • How can I get rid of chalking?
  • How do I prevent chalking?

What is chalking?

Chalking, also referred to as fading, oxidation, or weathering, is a chalky or powdery white film on your vehicle’s painted surfaces. What causes chalking?

When your paint wears down, or when it’s applied incorrectly, resin doesn’t protect the painted surface, which results in a powdery, dull appearance. Chalking is caused by:

  • Weathering of the paint film, causing it to wear away. Worn protective surfaces are a common issue with older vehicles.
  • Improper paint application.
  • Excessive use of mist fog coats when applying single-stage metallic finishes.

How can I get rid of chalking?

There are two ways to eliminate chalking:

  1. Use an automotive compound, following the manufacturer’s instructions to remove oxidation and polish your vehicle to restore gloss. Check out our tips on how to use auto compound properly and polish your car.
  2. Sand to remove weathered paint film and apply a new finish to your car.

How do I prevent chalking?

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to prevent chalking. Here are the four primary ways:

  1. Remove oxidation by washing your vehicle weekly and polishing or waxing it a few times a year to prevent weathering and wear.
  2. Stir, shake, or agitate all paint materials thoroughly, following manufacturer instructions. Check out our top tips to stir, shake and agitate auto paint correctly.
  3. Use top-quality thinners, reducers, and hardeners, and measure them accurately. Gleam Automotive Finish has some of the top thinners and reducers on the market today. Check them out.
  4. When spraying single-stage metallic finishes, apply mist or fog coats panel by panel while the finish is still wet.

Taking these steps will help prevent unsightly chalking on your vehicle surfaces.

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