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How to: Prevent and Eliminate
Chipping on a Paint Surface

How Can I Get Rid Of Chips

On My Car Paint Finish?

Chipping happens when pieces of your topcoat separate from the finish and pop off from the lower layer. The chipping can be repaired by sanding the affected area and refinishing it.

This article will answer common questions about preventing chipping and how to repair chipped areas.

  • What is chipping?
  • What causes chipping?
  • How can I prevent chipping?
  • How can I repair a surface that is chipped?

What is chipping?

Chipping happens when an area of the topcoat of your vehicle pops off the finish, separating the topcoat from the substrate.

What causes chipping?

A new car paint finish is flexible However, over time it hardens and becomes more brittle. Age, wear, and damage (usually the result of your car being hit by rocks or road debris) can result in the pieces of the finish separating from the topcoat, sometimes exposing the substrate. Other causes of chipping include weather, environmental factors, accidents, or poor-quality paint.

How can I prevent chipping?

Prevent chipping by using high-quality products when you paint your vehicle.

  • Use a premium two-component undercoat and topcoat system. It will improve paint adhesion while maximizing protection against chipping.
  • Use a flex agent in the undercoating and/or topcoat system in areas prone to chipping. Flex agents provide an added barrier to minimize the chances of cracking or chipping in the topcoat.

How can I repair a surface that is chipped?

  • Sand down the raised areas around the edges of the chip to a featheredge.
  • Refinish the impacted area.

Following the steps above will go a long way towards preventing unsightly chipping on your painted automotive surfaces.