How can I remove particles from my car paint surface?

After painting your car, there are grainy particles of various shapes and sizes in the finish. This is known as seediness. You can repair it by sanding and compounding or polishing the impacted area or, in severe cases, by sanding and then refinishing it.

In this article, I’ll answer common questions about how to prevent seediness and eliminate it when it happens.

  • What is seediness?
  • What causes seediness?
  • How can I repair a surface showing signs of seediness?
  • How do I prevent seediness?

What is seediness?

Seediness (also referred to as grit, dirt, grain, or speckle) happens when solid particles (granules) of grit or dirt are trapped in auto paint.

What causes seediness?

Seediness in your paint can be caused by one or more of the following:

  • You used material that was not properly stirred or shaken.
  • You used material that was not strained first.
  • You used material that had exceeded its shelf life.
  • You used material that was beyond its pot life.
  • You used thinner, reducer, or hardener that was contaminated.
  • You used contaminated water-borne products.

How can I repair a surface showing signs of seediness?

To repair areas of seediness in a paint finish, do either of these things:

How do I prevent seediness?

Using the right materials and preparing them properly are key to preventing seediness in a paint finish. Here are seven ways you can prevent seediness:

  1. Stir or shake materials well to make sure all pigment and resin is adequately mixed in the solution.
  2. Strain all undercoats and topcoats before use.
  3. Do not use material that cannot be stirred or strained.
  4. Use the recommended thinner or reducer and hardener and correctly measured amounts of each.
  5. Mix only the amount of material you can use within the specified pot life.
  6. Use the material as soon as possible. Close and tighten all container lids immediately after the material is used.
  7. Do not allow the thinner or reducer to come into contact with water-borne products.

Following these steps will help prevent seediness from appearing on your newly painted car.

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