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Masking is a necessary part of car painting. It’s not complicated, but proper masking will help you avoid getting paint on the wrong places of your car.

Before masking, you want to clean the car with soap and water. The soap you use should be made specifically for washing cars. After washing, wipe down the vehicle using a solvent to remove any grease, oil, and silicone.

Masking tape and paper considerations

Start by determining exactly which areas need to be masked. For best results, choose a good quality masking tape and masking paper. The tape should be easy to tear and release. You can use foam masking tape for areas involving gaps, such as around doors, jambs, trunks, hoods, sunroofs, headlights, and taillights. You can use trim masking tape on trim areas.

Here’s how to mask your car:

Additional tips and tricks for masking a car:

You’ll be glad you took the time to mask your car properly, because your paint job will look professional.