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Six Great Reasons to Refinish Your Car

Any car looks its best when it is clean, polished, and painted to perfection. A quality paint job not only makes your car attractive, it prevents rust from corroding the steel underneath.

If your car’s paint has scratches or cracks, or is faded or dull, refinishing it with a new paint job is a great idea. Here are six reasons why:

1. Adds resale value

Repainting a car adds value. This is particularly important if you are thinking about selling your car soon. The increased resale value will usually exceed the cost of the refinish.  

2. Your vehicle has scratches or rust

Scratches are unsightly and could result in rust problems. Rust areas could soon turn into holes in the body of the car. Refinishing your vehicle will eliminate scratches and rust.

3. You want to change the color of your car

Cars are expensive. If you simply don’t like the color of yours, it’s cheaper to have it refinished than to buy another.

4. The paint has become faded and dull

The effects of the sun and acid rain may have dulled and faded your paint. Refinishing can return your car to its factory condition and restore its original color.

5. Your car was in an accident

If your car was wrecked and requires collision repair, it will require a new paint job to restore it to its pre-accident condition.

6. You want to restore your car to its factory condition

A new paint job, sometimes coupled with ding and dent repair, can help your car regain the appearance it had fresh off the assembly line. Not only that, the restored surface will protect the steel of your car from structural damage.

Is your car past due for a freshening up?

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