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The Seven Tools You Need to Sand a Vehicle

Having the right tools makes any job easier. That’s certainly true when it comes to sanding a car. Every panel on a vehicle is different, varying in shape, size, lines, and contour.

It makes sense to invest in various tools to handle any sanding challenge you might have when restoring a car.

Here are the sanding tools you want to have:

1. 8” Disc sander or mud hog

8” sanders or mud hogs are primarily used to strip paint across large areas. They are similar to the 6” dual action sander but larger. The 8” sand paper comes in grits starting at 36, 40, and 80, all the way up to 320.

2. 6” Dual action sander or random orbital sander

The 6” Dual Action (DA) or Random Orbital Sander is probably the most commonly used sanding tool in the workshop for removing paint, repairing bumpers, and removing excess filler. These power sanders are real time-savers, taking less time to sand a vehicle than doing it by hand. Sand paper is available from 36 grit all the way up to 5000 grit.

3. Sanding board or file board

A sanding board is one of the most important tools in auto shop repair. It’s used to rub down the body filler you apply to a panel. Sanding boards come in all different sizes from 5” up to 30” long and are used for shaping. Simply attach the correct grit sandpaper to it and rub away.

4. Foam sanding block

Foam sanding blocks are similar to sanding boards, but smaller, typically five inches. They are used on contoured areas and edges and work best with water in a bucket for wet sanding. While these blocks wear out quickly, they’re inexpensive to replace.

5. Abranet sanding block

Abranet sanding blocks are like sanding boards, but they allow for dust-free repairs. The abranet blocks have thousands of holes in them to provide maximum dust extraction. The dust comes out between the abrasive ridges, cutting the surface more efficiently. The abranet requires an extraction system and a hose. You’ll find the benefits of a dust-free, healthier workspace well worth the extra cost.

6. Pneumatic sanding block or air file

Pneumatic sanding blocks or Air File sanders are especially effective for huge repairs on quarter panels, doors, and sill sections. They keep things straight where as a da sander might cause a ripple.

7. Cheesegrater or rasp

A Cheesegrater or rasp tool is great to take off excess filler quickly and reduce the amount of sanding time. They can only be used shortly after the body filler such as GLM-225 G-Grip Filler is curing.

Have this collection of sanding tools at hand to make restoring your car easier and quicker.